GunBound M: Alpha test though not feature enough but still very convincing!

GunBound M: Alpha test though not feature enough but still very convincing!
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Despite the lack of advanced features in the first Alpha test, Gunbound M still proves itself to be an attractive, quality shot.

VNG continues to launch GunBound M, one of the major games in the near future. This is considered to be one of the most emotional games in the hearts of players in general, as it has linked so many generations ahead in the era when Vietnamese gaming villages are beginning to take their toll. first.

Attractive debut

GunBound M had a very successful launch date with gamers, almost never noticed any negative feedback from the gMO community. Throughout the process of experiencing the problem of connection failure, logon errors or network server failures, this is a good move from VNG. The professional way of dealing with good before all bad situations occur.

However, there is a point here that GunBound M does not go too far into the plot and does not mention it in the first-person experience, which is somewhat of a shock to some new players. . This can be considered a minor defect that exists in GunBound M.

Sound has a meticulous investment

The majority of GMO products on the market today have little or no attention to sound array in their products. But for GunBound M it’s a completely different story, the development team has a thorough calculation for their product.

GunBound M is a fun and addictive soundtrack. It is said that the music is almost no duplication of each other, each stage will be integrated with each specific piece of music.

Funny image catches the eye

Still the familiar style of graphics, everything is the same as what the front man left. GunBound M features a chibi-style character set, along with a variety of combat vehicles.

Comes with a unique personality style full of personality, characterization as well as characteristics of each different media class. The colors in the game use light, harmonious colors, not too harsh or flatter the eyes of players. Simple interface does not cumbersome details.

All the physical effects, attack, fire, explosion, etc. inside GunBound M are reproduced vividly. The scene is eye-catching, full of creativity as well as the amount of detail drawn, thereby reducing some of the boredom to experience the game for a long time.

Still a gameplay full of “addictive” that

In recent times, the market of gMO Viet is extremely exciting with games related to the type of shooting coordinates, but each product has its own mark and characteristics. GunBound M is no exception, and is considered one of the most common names in gun coordinates.

GunBound M is one of the few products that have a more aggressive style than the rest. Although still the turn-based style comes with familiar drag-and-drop styling. So players have to calculate carefully to be able to give the best solution for each case.

When you start the game you will be randomly selected with three basic additions, with different abilities and uses. Also existing in each warship are individual skill systems, which include two basic moves and a special move that will be used after filling the graveyard. Worth mentioning here is that GunBound M will allow you to choose a team of up to three people, but when the battle, only two of the three.

The next special feature is the introduction of various types of vehicles, each with its own weapons and unique characteristics to spoil your choice and build your dream team. Although there are not too many different game modes or categories due to the fact that it’s just a prototype alpha test, GunBound M’s variety of gameplay has somewhat helped this player with the test. This first experiment.


GunBound M is a product that evaluates the return of the front man. The game still has the same style as before, not too much significant changes. However, this is one of the few products currently in the genre, and there is such a cool play.

If you want to relive your childhood experiences, or just be a gamer looking for something new for you, then GunBound M is the right choice for you.

GunBound M: Alpha test though not feature enough but still very convincing!
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