Pirate hunters

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Pirate hunters
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Welcome to our shootinggames free world. Be a proud and skilled hunter, conquer the vast pirate waters.

Pirate hunters – play it now

Pirate hunter are games shooting and wrestling on the html5 platform is very exciting and exciting for you.

Give yourself a boat with a lot of weapons like guns and bows, go to hell to destroy the most vicious and evil pirates.

Destroy each enemy ship and you are the winner, select the stage and unlock other stages when you have enough battle experience

Do not forget to add weapons and upgrade your boat to fight for more powerful and notorious the pirate hunter.

Kill more enemies, you become richer and stronger

You will then be a famous and powerful pirate hunters

Features of games:

  • Built-in html5 for fast operation
  • Nice graphics and eye-catching
  • Integrated pirate hunter games run on android and ios
  • It can be played directly on PC or on mobile device
  • Play and download pirate hunter

How to play pirate hunters:

  • With your PC you can use the left mouse button to aim and click on it to fire an enemy
  • With your mobile device, touch the touch screen with your hand to do the same

Here are some pictures of pirate hunter games:

pirate hunters

Pirate hunters – chose stage the firts to play


pirate treasure hunter

Pirate treasure hunter the stage next when you unlock stage before


the pirate hunter

The pirate hunter click play to bigin


pirate hunter game

Pirate hunter game beat the other pirate to win


download pirate hunter

Download pirate hunter and you winner

You can play some pirate hunter free download games:

Pirate hunters
5 (100%) 1 vote

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